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Below is a summary of services we undertake for clients who are entirely new entrants, established players or those aiming at revamping and consolidating their positions in the Indian upstream market. The ideal client would be a company that wishes to establish a strong presence in India, without having to invest in an official presence in the medium term.

  • Successfully compete on client’s behalf in GLOBAL TENDERING PROCEDURES and INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVE BIDDING issued by Indian NOC’s and private organizations.
  • Provide analytically exhaustive and situation-specific pivotal business intelligence to aid clients in their strategic considerations.
  • Year-round relationship management between clients and customers.
  • Remote project management, monitoring and advisory services for multinational clients involved in projects in India.
  • Sales, marketing and after market consulting/agency undertakings.
  • Deal advisory and arbitration services at the highest levels of business relations in the relevant industry classification in India.

These services are decidedly broad in scope. However, our flexibility and expertise enable us to shift into and excel in new proposals and ventures even vaguely in line with our industry focus. Please let us know your specific needs and we will tailor our work, befitting your firm’s specific requirements and goals in India.


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